• Co-creating tomorrow’s human centered, inclusive and sustainable cities


    City development ? Industrial sites refurbishment ? District retrofitting ?


  • Offering citizens a vision for the future

    A shared vision at the service of city development

    Best practices, new ecosystems, consultations, project management

    Tomorrow’s city

    • Human, Empathic, User centric  
    • Citizens as key actors in the conception and governance of the city
    • Mixed, organized, scripted and coordinated areas
    • Energy efficiency, renewable and carbon free energy mix,
    • Multi-modal and service-oriented  mobility
    • Enlarged Biodiversity
    • Resilience 
  • 4 pillars

    Citizenship, Mobility, Ressources, Real Estate

    Engagement, respect, inclusion, togetherness

    How to engage citizens ?

    How to dialogue and engage with « expert user » ?

    Multimodality, mobility services, urban logistics

    How to reconcile mode of transportation for people and goods with new mobility offers ?

    Comfort, well-being, connectivity, in-sue value & estate value

    Which sustainable and usefull urban practices to integrate in real estate projects ?

    Renewables& carbon-free energy sources, circular economy, biodiversity

    How to integrate new energy sources, develop biodiversity and implement circular economy ?

  • Our methodology

    Breaking real estate’s temporality with a holistic approach on the 4 pillars of the city

    Test & learn, quick win



  • Targeted projects

    We specialize in large-scale / ambitious innovative urban projects

    City development

    Answering Rapid Urbanization Challenges

    Extend the city while respecting its DNA, the togetherness, the social, economic, cultural and environmental balances

    Industrial, commercial, railroad sites refurbishment

    New life

    Add value to the available lands by integrating them in the territory and city development strategy

    District Retrofit

    (Re)build the city

    Reinstate the district into the dynamic of the city and urban area.

    Create value, build social cohesion and dynamism, foster attractivity

  • Our long-term commitment

    Build a collaborative, inclusive, and practical relationship with our stakeholders

    Global solutions, trusted partner

    From strategy to financing

    « The City is undergoing profound mutations. The long-term support of key decision makers of city development is at the core of Societe Generale’s business development strategy. A s trusted thir-party, we wish to support Cities and large investors in these mutations.  »

    Eric Groven, General Manager, Real Estate Network France


    Co-creation, agility, ecosytems

    « Co-creation, agility and a reactive ecosystem, are the 3 key assets of the LaVilleE+ value proposal. This mindset allows the creative jump required to reach ambitious objectives we set for each project. »

    Christophe Dumas, Co-founder startup project LaVilleE+

    People centric innovation

    User experience oriented

    « By focusing on the citizen experience at each stage of our project‘s life cycle, we ensure that the project’s creative jump will benefit all the stakeholders in the long-term »

    Joris Gaudion,

    Founder RueDesIdees, LaVilleE+ co-founder and associated partner

    Decision-Making Support

    Positive Impacts, acceleration

    «LaVilleE+ has developed a decision-making intelligence based on the positive impacts city projects can generate on the pillars of Sustainable Development, circular economy and resilience. This system accelerates the decision-making processand is based international standards (United Nations, World Bank) as well as regional ones (CITYKeys, Eurostats), which makes it auditable. »

    Clément Damasse,

    LaVilleE+ CSR expert

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    City development ? Industrial sites refurbishment ? District retrofitting ?

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